Safety for All


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Safe at home

Being independent and feeling free has always been important to my dad. When illness came into the picture, it has become even more important for him to be able to do the things that make him most happy and satisfied.

When the disease worsens, it limits his freedom of movement and there is also an increased risk that he falls and hits himself so badly that he cannot live the last part of his life in the way that gives him his dignity.

I know you are safe

My mother has a fantastic fine aging, she is active and always on the go. It is gratifying to see how she handles life despite her age. But after the incident when she stumbled on a curb, she has become more afraid of going out in the fear that she will fall and hit herself.

I follow her out every day and I see what it does to her when she does not seem to manage on her own.


Top grade safety

Every day we are torn between everyday necessary chores and the supervision of our elderly. We also know that with old age gives a certain instability and arouses feelings of fear, anxiety, insecurity, increases the risk for the instability that already exists becomes greater. Just the knowledge that someone is watching and being able to get help preventing falling will make life calmer for everyone involved.

Safety for all

Even after several years of assault, I was often told that my person was not recognized. My joy, spontaneity and lust for life had been replaced by sadness and fear that it would happen again.

The knowledge that I can easily call for help means that I can dare to go out a little more and feel free and safe.






Who will receive your Alarm

Depending on what network you chose

- Private
- Commnunity
- Public 

People connected to it will recive you alarm.
You can chose to abbort the ALARM anytime you want.


Multiple Alarm types


Send a public alarm so anyone within a reachable radius who has activated receiving alarms will get your message and location on the map.


Your message and location data will be sent to your private contacts which you have specified at your profile page in the app settings.


Different codes are provided for multiple communities and all the users within the same group will receive your message and location on their app.